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Our Staff Hierarchy

Discussion in 'Useful Information' started by Carbender, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Dec 7, 2016
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    ● Staff Team ●
    As of 7/9/17

    The Owner is the reason our server is running. Their job is to continuously upkeep and maintain the server and it's assets so the server stays online and alive for our enjoyment.


    The Developer's job is to implement and develop new plugins and features for the server as well as fixing any bugs reported, thous keeping the server fun and playable. The Developer takes commands from the Owner.


    The Admin is the core to any community and more importantly the staff team. The Admin's job is to manage and lead the staff team, manage server disruptions and disorder, relay information from the staff team to the Developer and Owner and overall run the server without intervention from the Owner.

    Senior Moderator

    Senior Moderators are highly respected staff members who have been with the community for a long period of time and proven themselves to the Admin and the community. Their job is to assist lower members of the staff team, leading them to success while assisting the Admin with administrative decisions and still following their Moderator duties.


    Moderators are respected staff members who have proved themselves to be capable of their duties and passed the trial period of Helper. Their job is to moderate the server by looking out for possible cheaters and malicious people as well as enforcing the rules so the server is a clean and friendly environment.


    Helpers are new members of the staff team who are being reviewed by the Admin and carefully watched over to tell if they are doing everything correctly. Their job is to moderate the chat and deal with player disputes and be as helpful as possible by assisting players as much as they can. Although Helpers are the bottom of the staff-chain they play a very important rule in it and the server would not function properly without them.

    Click here to view our staff list

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