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Let's make Fear good again ;)

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by AcidDealer, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. AcidDealer

    AcidDealer Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2017
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    1. The servers are copies of each other (coming from a factionslab sr.mod), The easiest way to fix this would be just having a different economy on each server, I'd prefer fear to have a sugarcane type economy keep the villagers/witches if you would like, I also think enderman being added to shop would help with economy. The economy is all the same farms not even cactus can keep up with $20 of keys there just to op so a melon/sugarcane economy would nice for a change.

    2. The rule on rev nukes is so fucking cringe there are defences to protect against it if anything don't allow anything faster than 3 second reverse nukes but the rule in general is toxic.

    3. I love the fact about no gen buckets in combat good job on that!, But crafting genbuckets is so 2017 there should be a /genbucket /gen command for a bucket that you can punch & it will pop up a gui to change between them all costing a different price per place instead of wasting time & energy crafting.

    4. I don't really know if there's spawner upgrade's still but faction upgrades are sooooo much better for example 1x Spawner Boost, 2x Spawner Boost, 3x Spawner Boost, Replace with the normal boosters <--- Have for very good prices thought 1M,5M,10M, Could have exp boost, spawner boost,crop growth boost etc, Instead of having timed boosts basically turn it into perm.

    5. Trench pick's are a hard topic because I know plenty og's that hate chunkbusters & 11x11's, I honestly love 11x11 it's perfect idc if it's $10.

    6. Mann I really can't believe i'm saying this but bring back m0dest's dumb ass because he brought players unless you guys hire some small light youtuber's like JdpFarmz,Sean_YT,Nupa those little ass kids actually bring players i'm telling you!...

    7. I don't know how many times I gotta say this fucking remove fishing for spawners! God if that ain't the most 2014 easiest factions top dupe i've ever heard of...., All someone has to do is wait till no staff on n auto-fish on 2-3 account's a hour & if 3x people do that it's a ruined economy so basically get it out!!!!.

    8. Anti-Cheat now don't tell me the shits custom because it ain't maybe a edited version that does nothing god the anti-cheat is worthless as a gta stripper to be honest, I bet NCP+ could do better to be honest consider looking into it please & ty....

    9. I also heard there was like a 3b raid event?????????????????? WTF you must be tweakin if this is true, if you want the server to run like you want maybe not make the economy so easy bcz billions really ain't that fun when it's a close race by 20 mil n you split ftop 10 to pass them it's much more satisfying....

    10. Honestly these days who dosen't have creepers drop purley tnt, I understand the TNT Wand is a item for a reason but we're worried about time these day's, I don't got the time for all that.

    11. You should be able to open chest's & any territory including enemy..

      -Acid, Please consider these thing's :)
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  2. Hornsbys

    Hornsbys New Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    I agree with all of these.
  3. EnderMC

    EnderMC FearPvP God

    Feb 21, 2016
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    I only read the rev nuke one, and calamity doesnt want it enabled cause theyre a fucking meme
    --- Double Post Merged ---
    +1to all and there hasnt been a 3bil raidevent
  4. ImVegasHasPenguins

    ImVegasHasPenguins FearPvP Fanatic

    Feb 17, 2016
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    um Hi you all know me obv :)
  5. skrrrting

    skrrrting Wise one

    Jul 15, 2017
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