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Base and Cannoning Regulations

Discussion in 'Useful Information' started by PrettyThoughts, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. PrettyThoughts

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    Feb 21, 2016
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    Hi everyone!

    A couple of y'all were asking for some general base and cannon rules. I'm going to take a moment to lay out the basics and if anyone has any more specific questions, they can then reach out to staff members individually. These regulations will be updated as more questions arise so please check up on it regularly.

    Last Updated: 01/20/2018


    • 20 Chunk Buffer Limit. I don't believe this is news to anyone. Counting starts at the first wall. More information can be found in our rules.
    • Signs, webs, and other blocks that act as a bypass to this rule cannot exceed 5 on the same X/Y level. In other words, you cannot stack more than 5 of the previously listed blocks.
    • Banners are not permitted as a base defense at all.
    • The usage of any blocks or system that could be deemed "indestructible" is not tolerated and will result in punishment. If you accidentally discover any of these blocks, please report the issue immediately. Using these blocks for base defenses is considered abusing a glitch. You can find more information in our rules.
    • You may not AFK in checkboxes or on top of walls. You can find more information in our rules.
    • Bitch claiming is not permitted during the first week of the map, however raid claims are ONLY permitted after a faction has exceeded their 20 chunk buffer.
    • You are not allowed to claim a base inside of another base, and use their walls as protection.

    • Automatic Cannons are not allowed. We consider an automatic cannon any auto-cannon larger than a 10 stacker.
    • Semi-Automatic Cannons are allowed if the sand comp and the cannon are on the same Y level.
    • You may not have a sand comp below any cannon.
    • Ask about exceptions for cannons that can not physically fire a shot without having a comp on a different Y-Level.
    • Auto Reverses or any other cannon that can nuke a wall set up on a clock is not allowed.
    • If a cannon significantly lags the server, especially to the point of almost crashing, it will be removed and the faction will be refunded tnt and money for their time.

    Hope this helps! Please private message myself, Sword, or Zambizee with any concerns.
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