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  1. Tainted_Cub
  2. Tainted_Cub
    Tainted_Cub Lubdan
    Hey! You're a great guy!
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  3. Nignorant
  4. Knavish
  5. Trustxbrazy
    Server resetting but im gonna lose rank i won from crate key?...?
  6. Tainted_Cub
    Am I a police officer now with all these tickets <o/
  7. jake h
    jake h Queen_Michelle
    I was eating the gapple in the video you can see that no particles appeared above my head after “eating” it also there wasn’t a sound of me “eating” the apple
  8. Kiwi
    Staff Application just got Denied
  9. Interlacing
  10. Jeuxzyy
    ur mums fanny looks like an axe wound
  11. EnderMC
    EnderMC idk_f
    Skidder lmfao
  12. Interlacing
    Interlacing idk_f
    pengoins fanboy HAHHAHA
  13. idk_f
    Fear PVP Map 16 should be a good map D:
  14. Pinkily
    If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they ate my goldfish I would be f top.
  15. GayPregnancy
    lil pump ooh lil pump yah
  16. Tainted_Cub
    Tainted_Cub Insusceptibility
    Gif - a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.
    1. Insusceptibility
      May 14, 2018
  17. Tainted_Cub
    High Fire Op
  18. Insusceptibility
    Insusceptibility hoebylife
    There must be a glitch in the system, your not following me.
  19. otherdrizz
  20. LloydDZX
    Wow what happened to this server. It's been....a year..... Fortnite