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  1. Yincro
  2. EnderMC
    EnderMC PrettyThoughts
    Are you a middle eastern dictator? Because there’s a political uprising in my pants.
    1. PrettyThoughts
      where are my nudes then
      Apr 18, 2018
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  3. c0leman
    poop server
  4. PvpDiamond223
  5. PvpDiamond223
  6. Lubdan
    Lubdan PrettyThoughts
    You are without a doubt the best admin on the server.
  7. YourWallet
    YourWallet Nignorant
  8. YourWallet
    lol i want to kms
  9. YourWallet
    fuck the opps skwuuop
  10. YourWallet
    YourWallet PrettyThoughts
    you're on the right track but the wrong train
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  11. YourWallet
    YourWallet PrettyThoughts
    are you garbage because i want to take you out baby girl
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  12. YourWallet
    YourWallet PrettyThoughts
    can we play minecraft sometime im not black
  13. YourWallet
    YourWallet PrettyThoughts
    why cant you free 8ft???
  14. YourWallet
    YourWallet PrettyThoughts
    hey bitch i love you kiss kiss
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  15. YourWallet
    can someone help me i want to die
  16. Allyings
    biggest meme yet
  17. KnockingKoth
  18. PvpDiamond223
    PvpDiamond223 PrettyThoughts
    Hey Um Can You Deal With My Application Nobody Has Answered It Yet I Wonder Why???
  19. PvpDiamond223
    PvpDiamond223 PrettyThoughts
    Hey It Says I Am A Member When I Searched Up Members On This Website But I Dont Have Helper Rank Yet After I Applyed For it a Few Hours Ago Can You Approve it please it is a really good application and i have not gotten approved or declined can you check it and approve or decline me thank you if you can.
  20. sandop