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Hey everyone.

I'd just like to inform everyone that Map 12 will be ending this Saturday (November 18th, 2017) at 4 PM EST.

The top factions will be automatically saved the second it reaches 4 PM EST, and the leaders of these factions will be contacted & paid out accordingly within 48 hours of the map ending.

At 4:30 PM EST, we will be hosting an EOTW KOTH event.
The player that captures this KOTH will receive next maps exclusive seasonal crate rank (like Nightmare) and a $100 Store Giftcard. The capture time for this KOTH will be 15 minutes, and will run for as long as necessary.

Once you die during this KOTH event, you will be death-banned until the map officially closes. The server will also be whitelisted at 5 PM EST to stop people from evading death bans (the players online before the whitelist is enabled will stay online of course)

Also, we are expecting Map 13 to begin on November 25th (1 week after this map ends) and the FTOP prize will be the same as this map. More information on that coming soon.

Hope to see everyone there!
Please take your time to fill out this survey for 1-2 crystals depending on the amount of detail in your response.:


All community feedback is incredibly valued, and we are really striving to continue to improve Fear. Map 12 was a huge step up from Map 11, and we expect the same upwards trajectory in the future.
Please help us exceed expectations in future development by being specific, and thoughtful in your responses!

As October has now come to an end, it is time to announce the winners of the October Vote Top competition!
  1. AlchemyPvp, 131 Votes
  2. SewiousBigFan, 129 Votes
  3. HazomePvp, 119 Votes
Congratulations! The winners of the November Vote Top competition will be announced at the end of this month. The competition will on November 1. The top three players receive:
  1. 15 Crystals
  2. 10 Crystals
  3. 5 Crystals
Good luck to all!

Note: Please contact an administrator to receive your prize.
As September has now come to an end, it is time to announce the winners of the September Vote Top competition!
  1. OlaSuper, 50 Votes
  2. Sewious, 47 Votes
  3. P22, 39 Votes
Congratulations! The winners of the October Vote Top competition will be announced at the end of this month. The top three players receive:
  1. 15 Crystals
  2. 10 Crystals
  3. 5 Crystals
Good luck to all!
Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, we released our Sumo mini-game on the server last night.
I thought it would be fun to give prizes at the end of each map for the top 3 players with the most ELO.

So for this map, the top 3 players with the most ELO will receive:
  1. $50 Store Giftcard
  2. $25 Store Giftcard
  3. $10 Store Giftcard
To participate, type /sumo in-game and click "Join Queue".

This will add you to the queue of players that are searching for a Sumo game. Once you're in a game, the objective is to knock your opponent off the platform first. You need to win 3 rounds to secure a match and take your opponents ELO.

If you just want to play casually with your friends, you can duel them with /sumo duel (username).

Now that this is an actual competition, we will treat cheating to obtain ELO as a very severe offense.
Also if you find any bugs with Sumo please report them on this thread!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the official announcement thread for FearPvP Map 12!

I will be going over everything that's being added/changed this map in this thread.
But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for Map 12 is..

Saturday, September 23rd at 4 PM EST (1 PM PST, 8 PM GMT)

Map 11 will be closing on September 19th at Midnight. (EST)

Click here to view Map 12's official trailer.

Click here to enter our $100 store giftcard giveaway!

Important Information
  • The overworld world border will be 10,000 x 10,000.
  • The end world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
  • Insiding is no longer allowed.
  • Everyone who re-uploads the servers trailer will receive a Crystal Key once the map launches. You must have at least 100 subscribers to claim the key. Click here for the download link to the trailer.
  • We are introducing a Bug Bounty program. If you know of any duplication exploits, or any major game-breaking bugs on Fear right now, or during Map 12. Then please private message me on the forums with the subject "Bug Bounty". If your bug/dupe is confirmed to be working, you will be rewarded with a PayPal payment or a store giftcard (your choice). The amount of money depends on the severity of the bug.
  • This maps top faction rewards are the following:
    1.) $1,000 PayPal
    2.) $350 PayPal + $250 Store Giftcard
    3.) $150 PayPal + $250 Store Giftcard
    Please message @Amazing on the forums to claim your PayPal prizes at the end of the map.

Change Log

  • Brand new faction top system that calculates spawner value, member balances, faction...
Hey everyone!

As promised, we have finally fully revamped the website.
We have a new forums layout, new server logo and a new store :eek:

Hope everyone likes the new designs.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to let you all know that we're actively working on Map 12.

We are hoping that Map 12 will be ready to release on September 23rd, but this is not confirmed.
An official announcement thread will be posted soon about all of the specifics of next map.

We have a lot of youtubers lined up to upload our trailer, and record long series throughout next map, so I personally expect Map 12 to be the best map fear has had for a long time :)

Thanks for reading, hope everyone's excited!