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We have come to an end of our November voting contest and the beginning of our December voting contest! The winners for the month November are listed below. Any of these winners can expect to have a message in their inbox.
1st Place: Yawi - Reward: 15 Crystals
2nd Place: IkNuclear - Reward: 10 Crystals
3rd Place: LenuXx - Reward: 5 Crystals

The votes have reset, so you can start voting now so you can be the winner for next month!​
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Rewards have been distributed you should automatically receive your rewards upon entering the server.
As many of you already know automatic melon/pumpkin farms are no longer allowed. We ask that you disabled your farms and mail tehrenderr in game to come delete it from your base if you want and I will compensate you guys fairly depending on the size of the farm. We have decided to disable automatic farms due to the mass amounts of redstone involved and the lag it caused the server.

Another rule that was added is that if you log into a banned public alt and then log back into your main it will show that you have the same ip as the banned public alt therefore you will be banned as well. We urge you to not use public alts if you do not know if they are banned or not because if it shows you have the same ip as the public alt you will be banned for evading. Moral of the story is we can't confirm if it was actually you playing on the alt at the time of the ban so we just end up banning you so please don't use them.

November, a month of low temperatures and loads of food! However the festive season soon begins, but let's end this month with a few events!

Therefore, the staff team will be hosting three events throughout the weekend, these events will all have prizes and will hopefully bring surprises and entertainment! These events will most likely start on Saturday afternoon (26th of November 3pm EST) we will try and involve all of the community, but if you want to be the priority then please leave a comment below like this:

(Raid, Hunger games, 1v1 or all!):

Once commented down below we will be expecting you to be online at the given time. Overall this should be a fun time for everyone, the events will be:

> Hunger Games
> 1v1 Tournament
> Raid event


> Your inventory must be clean in the Hunger games and 1v1 tournament, if not then you will not be participating.

> No teaming in the Hunger games.


Raid Event:

The base will contain a variety of rare items and expensive goods, be sure to get in first!

1v1 Tournament:

1st-5th will receive some kind of in-game items, most likely cash prizes.

Hunger Games:

1st-3rd will receive buycraft vouchers!

That's it! We hope to see you all online and create a fun time for everyone! Good luck!
Introducing our new factions top! I believe many of you have been waiting for over a month now for a factions top plugin and here it is! This is not an ordinary factions top as ours will be updating live, no more waiting around, just simply place and mine. Factions and factions fly has now been optimized and the bugs that were reported has also been resolved. If there are any other bugs please do not hesitate to comment down below.​

We have also updated the design of our forums, the store, and other minor changes will be coming soon. Let us know what you think of the new design down below.

The 40% Trump sale is currently still live, so do not miss out. Crystal rewards have also been updated, check it out if you haven't already.

P.S. If you miss the orange theme, you can change it by simply clicking on your profile on the top right-hand corner of the webpage, select preferences, "style" select the drop down and click "FearPvP [Orange]"
We have come to an end of our October voting contest and the beginning of our November voting contest! The winners for the month October are listed below. Any of these winners can expect to have a message in their inbox.
1st Place: Yawi - Reward: 15 Crystals
2nd Place: eatablecreepybob - Reward: 10 Crystals
3rd Place: RohanPvP - Reward: 5 Crystals

The votes have reset, so you can start voting now so you can be the winner for next month!​

Greetings Fearians,

8.0 is around the corner and here is the official changelog for map 8.0!

Who would have thought that we would be here with our 8th map release! We as a server and as a community has grown so much in the past 2-3 years, and I have nothing but to thank every single one of you for being part of it and making my experience enjoyable. Down below are the list of changes we have made in FEAR 8.0!
  • TNT will be disabled the first week of the map. This will give you guys time to make your bases without having to worry about getting cannoned the second day.
  • Lava flow will be disabled the first 1-3 days of the map, depending on how smooth the first day goes
  • Below is the link to the official 8.0 changelog
NOTE: Changes to this post may happen as the reset nears so make sure you check regularly for changes.


Things that ARE resetting:
Map (Including bases)
Bans (Except blacklisted players)

Things that are NOT resetting:

As of right now the official reset date is 10/7 @ 3:00 PST, 6:00 EST, 11:00 GMT

EDIT: KitMap is being released at
8:00 P.M. EST.

Hello Fearians,

Here's a little quick update post. We will be releasing a backup of the map tomorrow and we will be blocking off warzone and everything and we will implement a /kit reset with armor on a 5 minute cooldown or something like that. This will allow you guys to have fun pvping in warzone or talking in spawn while the staff do events with you guys. On the other side of the table, Vuez, Rampagee, and I will be working on 7.5 (Yes it's 7.5, we didn't feel it was right to call it 8.0). Vuez and I will be looking to get the new map up within 2 weeks, we are aiming to get it up on friday October 7th but no promises.

New features to get you guys a little hyped up for the map include: Re-vamped factions. tnt sandless, dropzones, new factionsfly, infusion tools, crystals, points etc...I'll go into more detail with a changelog post. Anyways I'll see you guys soon tata <3.
Hello... So today I bring bad news, I thought I would rather be honest with everyone because most servers and owners tend to cover up their own faults and lie to their loyal members. However I have decided to tell everyone the truth, so earlier today at 6:00am (GMT +1) our beloved server, FearPvP was breached into! Not that it was only breached into, but all our data has been wiped clean by the heartless people that thought it was funny to do this to someone.

I have also spent hours today trying to recover the deleted files however, we are not in luck at all due to our server having an SSD hard drive once, a file has been deleted from an SSD hard drive the file simply vanish. I have also contacted data recovery experts to help us with the current situation but, they would need the psychical hard drive in order to help retrieve the lost data, and they were asking for a hefty fee of £1,300. I am truly and deeply sorry that this has happened, we will learn from this mistake and I will put my hands up for not tightening the security on the server as there were flaws.

Currently, we do have a backup that dates back to 9th of September 2016. You may now ask why have we not do any daily backups? We do normally do daily backups however, 2 weeks ago a player called Kneesnap was able to give himself op in-game because of that I decided to change the server credentials including the port from 22 to 10022, when I changed the port I did not realise that it would prevent our automatic backup script to stop working because at the time I did not realise that it was only linked to port 22. I must also THANK Kneesnap for reporting the issue and by not harming the server. (this was done with an in-game glitch, which has now been resolved)

What will happen to the server now since the files has been deleted? I have spoken to the staff team about it! Some of the staff members want a reset because there have been exploits which have cost some issues with the economy,...​
We will be hosting a LMS event. For those of you that don't know "LMS" is an event where players fight until there is only one player left. Hence the name Last Man Standing. In this event there will be no teaming with other players. If you do you will be disqualified from the event. Admins will be watching over the event to make sure there is no teaming. This event will begin at 4:30 Est. Gear will NOT be provided. Good luck and have fun!

First Place:
$25 Buycraft Voucher
Legendary Sword

Second Place:
$15 Buycraft Voucher
God Pickaxe

Third Place:
Disco Armor

Enderpearls are Disabled​
Hello, and congratulations to the first top voters of the month. This month marked the beginning of our new rewards system for voting. It will continue every month until the end of the month and the top three voters will receive Buycraft Vouchers, with the top 2 voters receiving Disco Armor as well. The rewards are ordered from highest to lowest. || 15$ Buycraft Voucher + Disco Armor (1) || 10$ Buycraft Voucher + Disco Armor (2) || 5$ Buycraft Voucher (3) ||

-----=====Top Voter=====-----

-----=====Second Top Voter=====-----

-----=====Third Top Voter=====-----

Please contact and an administrator to receive your voucher and/or disco armor!
Good luck to next months top voters!​